Use of gas

Aside from heating our homes, cooking our food and fuelling UK industry, we rely on gas to provide the raw materials needed to create a wide range of products.

These include everything from clothing, toothpaste and cosmetics to medicines.

Take a look at how gas is required for everyday items we use here. This table provided by UKOOG shows the wide range of industries which rely on natural gas. They are listed in the order of the amount of Gigawatt hours (GWh) of energy they use.

Food & Beverages:19,817Mechanical Engineering:6,079
Chemicals:19,612Iron & Steel:4,155
Mineral Products:11,711Textiles & Leather:4,139
Vehicles:9,109Electrical Engineering:3,402
Paper & Printing:8,330Construction:3,231
Other Industries:6,534Non-ferrous Metals:1,879

Many UK industries also rely on gas:

Manufacturing: 500,000 jobs in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries depend on gas (including ethane and propane) as a raw material.

Agriculture: Gas is one of the main components of ammonia, used in nitrogen-based fertilisers which are spread on 75% of British farmland to help grow food.

Recycling: Glass recycling furnaces use 1 million cubic metres of gas every day to provide the heat needed to melt down the glass.

Did you know?

In 2017,


of electricity was generated from gas

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