Welcome to our new website!

February 15, 2012

That you’re reading this post means that you have visited our new website. I hope you like the work we’ve put in to making our site as useful as possible.

We chose to completely redesign our website because we recognise that a well-designed site, which provides plenty of information in an accessible way, can be an extremely effective way of communicating with a wide range of interested people.

As our business and operations have grown, we outgrew our old website. This new site allows us to use new features, like video and images, much more easily.

Perhaps the most important aspect of redesigning our website is making sure our pages, and the information they contain, are in a simple, clear and easy to follow structure.

With this in mind, we now have a small number of main sections which group together information on things like what we do, environmental protection and the benefits of our work. Within these sections are lots of pages, and even some sub-pages, which break down information in to the various topics.

We’ve also added more information to the website making it a great factual resource which should help to answer a lot of the questions we get asked.

One feature I particularly like is the Responding to Key Issues page, which gives quick and clear answers on the most popular topics. We then link you to a relevant page for more information. I hope this is a useful feature that brings together on one page facts and clear answers on the most popular issues.

We’ve also added a section dedicated to the sites we own or operate. Over the coming months, this will grow to become a useful source of information for members of the communities we work in. We’ll update throughout our work the Our Sites section with accurate information about what is happening at each of our locations.

You’ll also see that each page can now be shared on twitter, while our twitter and YouTube pages are permanently linked to via the icons in the top right of each page. In addition, you can now keep track of our news by signing up to our RRS feed.

We hope this allows anyone interested in our work to access information in whatever way is most useful to them.

Whether you are a part of one of the communities we work in, a professional in our industry, or simply interested in what we do, our website is now a great resource of factual information in a clear and easy to use structure.

We’ll be keeping the website up to date, so keep checking back for the latest news and information about Cuadrilla.  I hope you enjoy it.

Mark Miller
Chief Executive, Cuadrilla Resources