September 8, 2022

Cuadrilla Resources Limited (“Cuadrilla”) welcomes today’s Government announcement that the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, introduced in November 2019, is to be lifted.  

Cuadrilla CEO Francis Egan said “I am very pleased that the new Government has acted quickly to lift the moratorium.  This is an entirely sensible decision and recognises that maximizing the UK’s domestic energy supply is vital if we are going to overcome the ongoing energy crisis and reduce the risk of it recurring in the future.

The last few months have highlighted the risks associated with ever increasing reliance on expensive, uncertain, and higher emission gas imports. Without the strong measures set out today, the UK was set to import over two thirds of its gas by the end of the decade, exposing the British public and businesses to further risk of supply shortage and price hikes down the line.

Any rational analysis of UK energy supply, including those put forward by the Climate Change Committee, recognise that our transition to Net Zero will require the continued use of gas until at least 2050. Today’s announcement sets the foundation for us to move towards gas self-sufficiency, and not be reliant on the whims of dictators, or the vagaries of international supply lines and prices.

A thriving shale gas industry will drive job creation across the North of England, generate much needed tax revenues for central and local government, and benefit local communities financially.

The Government has made the right call, and we look forward to working with them to ensure this industry can start generating results as soon as possible. The prize if we get this right will be an energy strategy fit for the 21st century, that provides security of supply, economic prosperity, and vital support to the British public. 

We look forward to getting started.


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