Statement on May 27th earthquake in Poulton area.

May 31, 2011

Cuadrilla Resources, the shale gas exploration company, has postponed fracing operations on its site at Weeton, near Poulton in Lancashire. The company decided on this action whilst it interprets seismic information received from monitoring information located around the site, following a small seismic event in the Blackpool area recorded at approximately 0.48 am on Friday, May 27th 2011.

Experts from the British Geological Survey operate the monitoring equipment independently and the recorded information is being shared with Keele University and the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

“We take our responsibilities very seriously and that is why we have stopped fracing operations to share information and consult with the relevant authorities and other experts. We expect that this analysis and subsequent consultation will take a number of weeks to conclude and we will decide on appropriate actions after that,” said Mark Miller, CEO of Cuadrilla Resources.