Statement from Chief Executive following resignation of shale gas commissioner

April 29, 2019

Francis Egan CEO of Cuadrilla, the UK’s leading onshore shale gas operator, said: “Natascha Engel has accurately assessed the current situation with regard to shale gas extraction in the UK.

“UK shale explorers have spent hundreds of millions of pounds proving that we have enough gas beneath our feet to supply homes across the country for the next 50 years. We can extract and deliver this gas safely and responsibly – helping to reduce emissions as we eradicate the need for imported gas, currently being shipped to the UK from across the globe. We can, in the process, create jobs and revenue, boosting the UK economy.

“But instead of embracing this huge opportunity we remain wedded to a miniscule micro seismic threshold which has no scientific basis and is without parallel anywhere else in the world. Meanwhile other industries – including key Government projects like Crossrail, quarrying operations and geothermal – produce ground vibrations far in excess every working day. The situation is beyond ridiculous, it’s embarrassing.”