Response to DECC review on seismic events

April 16, 2012

Media Statement


16 April 2012

Cuadrilla Resources welcomes experts’ scientific review on seismic events

Cuadrilla Resources today welcomed the publication by the Department of Energy & Climate Change of its scientific experts’ review of the seismic events which occurred in April and May 2011 in the Bowland Basin, Lancashire. The review team included experts from Keele University and the British Geological Survey and was charged with reviewing a series of expert reports submitted to DECC late last year by Cuadrilla Resources.

The DECC expert review published today concludes that it is safe to resume hydraulic fracturing provided the recommended operating procedures as outlined in their report are followed.

Responding to the expert review recommendations, Cuadrilla’s Chief Executive Mark Miller said:

“We are pleased that the experts have come to a clear conclusion that it is safe to allow us to resume hydraulic fracturing, following the procedures outlined in the review. Many of today’s recommendations were contained in the original expert studies we published in November last year, and our supplementary information sent to DECC in January.

We have already started to implement a number of the experts’ recommendations in the pursuit of best practice and look forward to the final decision by DECC ministers concerning the resumption of hydraulic fracturing following the six week period for public comment commencing on 17 April.”

Cuadrilla suspended hydraulic fracturing following the minor tremors and commissioned its own set of expert studies and combined final report, published in full on its website in November 2011.


Notes to Editors

1. Hydraulic fracturing was voluntarily suspended by Cuadrilla Resources, with the agreement of DECC, in May 2011, until such time as the reasons for the seismic events had been fully investigated.

2. The original scientific study by Cuadrilla Resources took six months to complete and was carried out by an independent European team of eminent scientists, geologists and seismologists under the direction of Dr Hans de Pater. This study concluded that the two seismic events on April 1 and May 27 last year were probably linked to the company’s hydraulic fracturing activities at the Preese Hall well site near Blackpool. The study and accompanying press release is available in full on the Cuadrilla Resources website at:

3. Today’s report, available on the DECC website, is a review of the evidence submitted by Cuadrilla Resources between November 2011 and January 2012.