Cuadrilla statement on report in The Guardian

November 15, 2018

Cuadrilla’s statement following a recent report in The Guardian, which referred to a comment made during a private meeting with The Green Party on a tour of the Preston New Road site earlier this year.

A spokesperson for Cuadrilla said that the interpretation of the quote was a disappointing attempt by the Green Party to manipulate a long and private meeting where Cuadrilla had welcomed senior members onto site at Preston New Road to discuss openly and transparently the exploration of the shale gas well.

“Mr Lambert was responding to a question about whether Cuadrilla had insurance in place should property be damaged by seismicity. The level of seismicity he was referring to was the level which might cause such damage. That is tens of thousands of times more energy than the 0.5 threshold set out as part of the Oil and Gas Authority’s Traffic Light System, under which Cuadrilla operates.

“The response was properly stating that whilst Cuadrilla has comprehensive insurance in place we are clear that we will not cause any seismicity that leads damage or harm.

“This has borne out during the first month of operational activity where the micro seismicity detected is way, way below anything that could be felt at surface never mind cause damage or harm.”