October 5, 2018

“We are aware that a local anti-fracking campaigner has threatened to lodge a request for the Court to issue an  injunction to stop hydraulically fracturing at our Preston New Road shale gas exploration site pending the determination of a Judicial Review (JR) case against Lancashire County Council (LCC).  That JR claim asserts that LCC’s emergency response planning and procedures for the PNR site are  inadequate .  We understand the hearing about whether an interim injunction should be granted has been set for the middle of next week and we should not start hydraulic fracturing operations before then, which we were not planning to do in any event.   We remain confident that we and LCC have undertaken all necessary risk assessments and have thorough emergency response safety procedures in place.  This is clearly a last ditch attempt at delaying our efforts to find a new source of much needed natural gas for the UK which is a national imperative.  We consider that the grounds for Judicial Review are hopelessly weak and will vigorously defend any call for an injunction.”