April 13, 2017

Cuadrilla has set up a dedicated viewing area near its Preston New Road shale gas exploration site, in order to allow interested members of the public to observe the site from a safe location as work progresses.  

It is intended that the area will be open during daylight hours from approximately 0900 to 1700 each day that works are taking place. The area, which measures approximately 18mx12m and has clear visibility of the site, is on private land owned by a local farmer who has agreed the use of this part of his land for this purpose. Members of the public interested in viewing the site are encouraged to make use of the space, which will ensure that the major A583 road and entrance junction is not obstructed and is kept safe and secure for all road users. 

The viewing area provides users with a safe position from which to observe work on the site and from which to conduct peaceful and lawful protest, if they wish.

The viewing area was included in the injunction imposed by the High Court on 6 March 2017. However, the Order made by the Court specifically provides that it shall not prevent any person entering or remaining on the land with the landowner’s written consent and the landowner has provided consent. Accordingly, use of the viewing area by the public for the purposes outlined above will not breach the High Court injunction.