Cuadrilla applies for new permit from Environment Agency

June 17, 2013

Following discussion with the Environment Agency (EA), Cuadrilla has decided to apply to permit its Balcombe exploration site as a mining waste facility under the European Union Mining Waste Directive.

The requirements of applying for the new permit will mean a short delay to our planned drilling activity at Balcombe. Cuadrilla remains committed to undertaking exploratory drilling at Lower Stumble and will continue preparatory work on site.

Cuadrilla is committed to meeting all the necessary requirements stipulated by regulators and this recently advised permit requirement from the EA is no different. We recognise there is a due process that the EA must follow and we will do all we can to assist in this.

We will continue to inform the local community about forthcoming activity at Lower Stumble and have set up a dedicated community information line (0800 0086 766) and email