OGA Preston New Road 2 Seismicity Studies

December 14, 2020

Cuadrilla Resources welcomes the publication today by the OGA of four detailed technical reports analysing various aspects of seismicity induced during the hydraulic fracturing of the Preston New Road 2 well, along with an OGA summary of those four technical studies.

The studies were commissioned in March 2020 some four months after a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in England was announced by the UK Govt citing disturbance caused to residents local to the PNR site.   Their release today, 13 months after that moratorium announcement, will, we believe, allow that decision to be considered and reviewed in a new light.

We note in particular the finding that the maximum induced seismic event at PNR2 of 2.9Ml “may cause sparse cases of low superficial damage”.  This is consistent with our own data of the low level impact of the 2.9Ml event.  The data also confirms that the levels of ground vibration generated during hydraulic fracturing at PNR were typically below levels frequently encountered and safely managed in other UK onshore industry such as quarrying, construction and geothermal (ref ongoing Cornwall geothermal well). 

We will now fully assess the detailed reports and discuss further with other industry players, with Regulators and with the Govt.  Our  focus will be on how shale can be put on a level regulatory playing field with comparable industries already managing the risk of induced ground vibrations and operating safely and responsibly in the UK.