Cuadrilla, re reports No.10 wants to reverse concreting of shale gas wells

March 9, 2022

Further to press reports that No.10 wants to reverse the decision to concrete up Britain’s shale gas wells, Francis Egan, CEO of Cuadrilla Resources, said:

“We note with interest the reports that the Prime Minister wants ministers to step in to stop the UK’s only two viable shale gas wells being filled with concrete in the middle of an energy crisis. It’s clear that he UK must do everything it can to secure domestic gas supply and not tolerate Putin’s vice-like grip over our energy costs.

“I await contact from the Business Department to confirm these reports.

“Cuadrilla’s plans to plug the Lancashire shale wells under Government mandate are very advanced and the rig will still be arriving on site next week. British consumers, whose energy bills are soaring, will wonder what on earth this Government’s priorities are.

“We remain open to any other proposals or ideas the Government may have, but as things stand nothing has changed.

“If we are serious about energy security, as a very basic, first step we must not concrete up Britain’s shale gas wells, and then we need urgently to lift the shale gas moratorium and use these and additional wells to produce domestic shale gas.”