The Lancashire Economy

Lancashire’s economy is already receiving a boost from shale gas exploration operations at our Preston New Road site which began in January 2017.

In the three years since Cuadrilla relocated to Lancashire, in January 2016, indirect and direct spend in the Lancashire economy as a result of the company’s works has increased to £15 million.

This means that whilst Cuadrilla has spent £13.6 million with local suppliers, those suppliers have spent an additional £1.3 million on everything from sub-contracting specialist engineering services to hotel accommodation.

Cuadrilla has teamed up with both the North and Western Lancashire and the East Lancashire Chambers of Commerce to create a supply chain portal for local businesses who want to get involved with opportunities in the County’s shale gas industry.

Over 700 Lancastrian businesses have already benefited and you can visit the portal here.

In addition the total number of full time and contractor jobs which have been created stands at 82.  Ten apprenticeships or internships have also been created to provide young local people in the county with new experience and skills for the jobs of the future.

Did you know?

Cuadrilla’s activity has resulted in


being spent in Lancashire

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